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83-58 - Rangers can't jump start comeback machine, lose 6-3

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Imagine having to watch Mariners games every day for months...

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like the Rangers just spent a month straight playing five hour games in the middle of the night where each team had ten hits per inning, scored only once per frame, while both teams threw 400 pitches (300 called a ball, of course) per night.

It feels like the Mariners and Rangers weren't even playing the same sport as each other over the last four days, and whatever sports they were playing, neither of them were playing baseball.

There's good weird like the 2016 Texas Rangers. They're weird as heck and it's been fun. Then there is bad weird. That's the forever-to-present Seattle Mariners who are a perpetual black hole of fucked up and depression. For a few days, that rubbed off on our precious Rangers.

Player of the Game: I'm not going to be too mad because usually these Rangers would come back and win a game like this but after playing a version of baseball from an alternate, drab dimension, Rangers Luck(c) was not applicable. Plus, Adrian Beltre hit a baseball from a knee that was above his head. You can't sap the joy of Adrian Beltre from us, Seattle.

Up Next: Wow, would you look at that! It's a 9:05 pm CT start time for the Rangers and Yu Darvish against RHP Tyler Skaggs and the Anaheim Angels.