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Rangers sign all seven arb-eligibles

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The Rangers have avoided arbitration with Sam Dyson, Robinson Chirinos, Tanner Scheppers, Jeremy Jeffress, Jurickson Profar, Jake Diekman and A.J. Griffin, agreeing with each of them on a one year deal

Division Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers - Game Two Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have agreed to one year contracts with two of their arbitration-eligible players today, according to the beat guys on Twitter.

Righthanded pitcher Sam Dyson will get $3.52 million in 2017, under his deal, and righthanded pitcher A.J. Griffin agreed to a $2 million deal for 2017.

MLB Trade Rumors had projected $3.9 million for Dyson, and $1.9 million for Griffin. Dyson has three years of team control left after 2017, while Griffin has one year of team control left.

Texas has five unsigned arb-eligible players remaining — Tanner Scheppers, Jake Diekman, Jurickson Profar, Jeremy Jeffress, and Robinson Chirinos. Don’t be surprised if one or more of those players also agree to deals at some point today.

UPDATE — John Blake tweets that Tanner Scheppers and Robinson Chirinos have also agreed to one year deals. Scheppers is getting $975,000, while Chirinos gets $1.95 million.

MLBTR had $2.1 million projected for Chirinos and $1.1 million projected for Scheppers.

Chirinos and Scheppers both have two years of team control remaining.

UPDATE II — Profar and Jeffress have also now been signed. Profar is getting $1.005 million, and Jeffress is getting $2.1 million. Jeffress can also earn, per Ken Rosenthal, $250K for hitting 55, 60, 65 and 70 innings pitched — meaning he could earn another $1 million in total incentives. Rosenthal has corrected his earlier tweet, saying that it is $50K for 55, 60 and 65 innings pitched, and $100K for 70 innings pitched, for a total of $250K, not $250K for each milestone.

MLB Trade Rumors projected Jeffress at $2.9 million and Profar at $1.1 million.

That leaves only Jake Diekman unsigned among the Rangers’ arb-eligible players. Diekman has requested $3.1 million in arbitration, and the Rangers’ number is $1.9 million.

UPDATE III — Diekman and the Rangers agreed to a $2.55 million one year deal, which means all the team’s arbitration-eligible players are now under contract.