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Keith Law ranks Rangers system 15th

In his rankings of the MLB minor league systems, Keith Law has the Rangers at #15

Texas Rangers Photo Day
This is Connor Sadzeck. He throws 100.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers’ minor league system took a lot of hits last year between trades and promotions, and the team’s position in Keith Law’s minor league system rankings reflects that. Law has the Rangers’ system ranked 15th overall in MLB.

That’s about where you’d expect the system to be, I think, with Law praising the upside of guys in the lower minors, but noting that there’s not a lot of immediate help on the horizon.

Interestingly, the Astros are ranked just 12th in Law’s rankings, their lowest placement in a while, and the other three A.L. West franchises are all in the bottom 10. The Astros have a strong collection of young talent, but the A’s are seemingly treading water, the M’s appear to be trying to win in 2017 and 2018, and the Angels don’t seem to have much of a plan of what to do right now with Mike Trout’s cheap yaers.