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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

Saturday morning Rangers news and links

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers

Good morning, folks...

The Rangers announced that Pudge Rodriguez’s #7 will be retired this year, at a ceremony to take place sometime after Pudge is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in July.

Eric Nadel remembers Pudge being on the pre-game show (without an interpreter) before his first major league game, and feeling blown away by Pudge’s confidence.

Joe Posnanski writes about Pudge being shaped by growing up in Puerto Rico.

The Rangers’ Fan Fest is today.

Jeff Wilson says the clock is ticking for the Rangers as they look to bolster their lineup for a 2017 season that has quite a few pending free agents.

Adrian Beltre says he would like the Rangers to add another hitter.

Tyson Ross says he’s not going to cut back on how often he uses his slider.

Gerry Fraley opines on Yu Darvish’s comments yesterday.

Tony Beasley is back on the field after a year battling cancer.

The Rangers signed James Loney to a minor league deal.