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Texas Rangers 2017 first base options

Who’s on first for the Rangers in 2017?

MLB: ALDS-Texas Rangers at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Y’all! New contributor here. Huge Rangers fan, been blogging for a while and super excited to join Lone Star Ball. Introductions are weird so basically all you need to know is I like gifs, coffee, the office, but most importantly Adrian Beltre. Also Hanser Alberto.

Once the offseason began, a big question for the Rangers was who would be playing first base since Moreland would be a free agent and more than likely not returning.

Personally, I would've liked to see Moreland come back, which didn't seem to be the popular opinion. Moreland got a lot of slack, but what he lacked offensively, he made up for defensively. I always believed Moreland was one of the best first basemen defensively. And that's not a hot take. Moreland made some tough plays look easy. Plays I've seen countless other first basemen try to make and fail.

I was surprised Moreland only signed for $5.5 million for one year. Dude just won a gold glove, thought that would count for something. Considering he went so cheap, really makes me question why the Rangers didn’t bring him back.

After Moreland was no longer an option for the Rangers, immediately I hoped for Napoli. And currently, the Rangers seem to have gotten every option at first except Nap.

Nothing against Rua, Gallo, Profar, or Hamilton but I’d prefer Napoli at first full time.

Defensively, all of those options are a downgrade from Moreland. But Napoli has the experience at first base in a major league capacity.

OK sure, seeing Profar do the splits over there, that’s fun. But the bat? Needs help.

Gallo, I’ll be honest, this is a safe place, right? I’m on the fence about him. I know. I know! Maybe I’m still scorned from the days of Hamilton lazily swinging at three out-of-the-zone pitches for a strikeout, that I just don’t have the patience for. I’m working on it. Just take like one pitch, that’s all I’m asking.

Ryan Rua, I like him on the bench? Nothing personal.

Now, Josh Hamilton. First, sorry for throwing out your shirtsey like a month before we took you from the Angels, but how was I supposed to know?

I’m curious to see him play first base, if his bat is back. If he’s going to play first base, offensively he has to come back. He doesn’t have to be full on 2010 AL MVP Josh Hamilton. I’m not even asking for 2012, 43 homerun Josh Hamilton. But maybe like 2013, 21 home run hitting, .250 average, 151 game playing Josh Hamilton. If we get that, then sure let him play first base.

Preferably, I want Napoli.

Yes, I’m playing favorites.

Who doesn’t love Napoli?

I want Napoli because he’s a veteran and he’s fun. He deserves a Rangers bobblehead. Mostly, I just want to use #PartyAtNapolis in my tweets.

Seriously, Napoli is the only one of those options that have played a full season, multiple seasons, at first base at the major league level.

Also Beltre wants him back... or it was implied… I read between the lines.

Now I know I can’t just end it there because another player has been added to the mix. James Loney. Rangers just signed him to a minor league contract. I would be interested to see if he makes it to the 25 man after Spring Training. Considering he has the most experience of any of the players I’ve listed at first base.

I’ll tell you what JD, I’m totally cool with Loney playing first.

If he can platoon with Napoli.