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LSB Needs A MiLB Contributor

I’m looking for an apprentice looking for a person like me.

Minor League Baseball: Corpus Christi Hooks at Frisco Rough Riders
This can be your office.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

You like baseball? Nahhhh, you only think you like baseball. But if you know you like baseball and you’d like to dive in deep and write about the pros before they’re famous, this might be your chance. I’m old and tired and got a lotta other stuff going on so I’m looking for another “apprentice”, of sorts. Last year, young Kevin Carter tagged along in Frisco and wrote and met players and scouts and worked his tail off and now he’s spending this year interning in the scouting department of a big league team. He earned it and you can too.

Send an impassioned message or a writing sample, or both, to and you’ll be in the running. Job requirements include “having” to go with me to at least 15 Frisco RoughRiders games this season, and writing about baseball for Lone Star Ball. (It’s highly likely you’ll get a press credential- which you’ll earn) We’ll be in Double-A, but you’ll be expected to chime in regarding the entire Rangers farm. So if you know your stuff and wanna give it a shot, lemme know. Even if you’re just looking for a hobby to keep you sane this summer, and you can commit the time and effort, lemme know. It’s obviously not a surefire path to a job in baseball or a full-time writing gig, but it definitely won’t hurt your chances! There’s no money in it, because there’s no money in writing about prospects, but it’s a damn great way to spend a summer and maybe, just maybe, a way to get your foot in the door.

Viva MiLB!!