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Oakland A’s sign Rajai Davis

Rajai Davis and the A’s have reportedly agreed to a one year deal

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics

The Oakland A’s and outfielder Rajai Davis have reportedly agreed to a one year, $6M deal. That's according to reports on Twitter. I guess I should go see who, specifically, reported it, but I don't know if it really matters all that much. I mean, it's Rajai Davis and the A’s, after all.

Davis spent most of three seasons with the A’s from 2008-10. Did you know Davis was traded by the Pirates for Matt Morris in 2007? Well, he was...on the same day, in fact, the Rangers traded Eric Gagne to Boston. Pittsburgh sent him to San Fran, who lost him the following April on waivers to Oakland.

For some reason, I get Rajai Davis and Coco Crisp mixed up.

I guess this is sort of Rangers related, because I think that there was talk at some point that Davis could be of interest to the Rangers. Though I could be getting my random free agent fourth outfielders mixed up. Davis played for the Indians last year and led the A.L. in stolen bases. So that's something.

I’m mired in off-season ennui right now. We knew coming in that the free agent market was weak, and that the Rangers weren't likely to make a ton of moves. Still, it seems like a deader offseason than normal...not just for the Rangers, but for MLB as a whole, especially over the last couple of weeks. For a while we had some Edwin Encarnacion to Texas rumors to think about, and then the Mike Napoli stuff.

Now? Nothing.

So you get meandering comments about Rajai Davis on a Tuesday night.

I’m ready for some Rangers news.