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St. Louis Cardinals lose two draft picks, get $2 million fine for hacking scandal

The St. Louis Cardinals must give the Astros two draft picks and pay a $2 million fine in connection with the hacking scandal

MLB: Houston Astros at St. Louis Cardinals Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals have lost two draft picks and will have to pay a $2 million fine as a punishment for a member of their front office, Chris Correa, illegally accessing the Astros’ baseball database, per reports.

The Cardinals will send their #56 and #75 draft picks in the 2017 draft to the Astros, according to Ken Rosenthal, as well as paying $2 million to Houston. These are the Cardinals’ top two picks in the upcoming draft.

The documents relating to the criminal case against Correa -- who is currently doing time in the federal pen as a result — were unsealed this week, and showed Correa accessed the Astros’ database using multiple usernames, and accessed more information than had previously been disclosed.

If you are a Rangers fan, I guess you can be mad that the Astros have a couple of extra draft picks this year, though one can reasonably argue that they deserved compensation for being damaged.