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Jim Bowden bullish on Rangers in power rankings

Jim Bowden’s current MLB power rankings have the Rangers higher than one might expect

MLB: AUG 25 Indians at Rangers Photo by Steve Nurenberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It has been a dull offseason for the Texas Rangers, who signed Carlos Gomez and Andrew Cashner to one year deals, and who...well, they haven’t really done much else so far.

Texas did win the A.L. West last year, and they didn’t lose a ton of contributors from that team...but they also way over-performed their Pythagorean Won/Loss record to win the West. Of course, Texas also will get a full season from Yu Darvish and Jonathan Lucroy, which they didn’t have last season...but they also have question marks at fifth starter and at least one of 1B/DH/LF right now.

Anyway, there’s a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of strands to keep straight in ol’ Duder’s head, and so it is interesting to note that Jim Bowden has the Rangers seventh currently on his offseason power rankings. Texas is third among A.L. teams, behind just Cleveland and Boston.

That’s higher than I would have expected, and I think it would be pretty reasonable to put, say, Houston above the Rangers right now, given the Rangers’ unsettled situations. But then, in perusing the list, there’s kind of a mish-mash of teams after the top handful, and probably not a ton of difference between 7 and, say, 17.

Regardless, there’s at least one person out there who seems to feel good about this team.