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Colby Lewis is probably not coming back

Jon Daniels says that Colby Lewis probably won’t return to the Rangers in 2017, and that makes me sad

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics

Colby Lewis has been with the Rangers since 2010. He’s been good, he’s been not-so-good, he’s been hurt...but over the last seven years, he’s been a member of the Texas Rangers.

It appears like that won’t be the case in 2017, however, as Jon Daniels says that he doesn’t anticipate Colby Lewis will be back next year.

That bums me out. I mean, I get why, given how the roster is structured, and given where Colby is in his career and the team’s needs, why the Rangers might pass on bringing him back.

But he’s been a fixture with the Rangers for the best years in team history. He’s been, by all accounts, a great presence in the clubhouse, and even while he hasn’t been the Colby he was from 2010-12 the last couple of seasons, he was still a meaningful part of the Rangers’ division title winners in 2015 and 2016.

So yeah...this is news, and it isn’t surprising, and I thought I should do a post about it, but I don’t have a lot to say at this point other than, if Colby’s days as a Ranger are over, I will be sad to see him go.