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Week 26: The Last One

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The season is over, and we have our last week in review of the season

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Season record: 78-84

Week 26 Record: 2-5

Series Record: 21-24, 7 splits

Well ladies and gents, the 2017 season is over.

And thankfully it didn’t end on a 10-game losing streak.

Sucks that it ended with a loss to the A’s but really that’s just a summary of the Rangers season so what did we expect?

Instead of dwelling on their seven game losing streak at the beginning of the week, how about some happier stats?

Like Joey Gallo hit his 40th and 41st homer in Saturday’s game and became the first Ranger since Hamilton in 2012 to have a 40 home run season.

Nomar Mazara got his 100th and 101st RBI in Sunday’s game, 100 RBIs being his goal for the season.

Elvis Andrus didn’t may not have back-to-back .300 seasons but this was another career year for him in runs, home runs, doubles, and hits.

Adrian Beltre ended the season with 3,048 hits, his 3,048th breaking up the perfect game in the fifth inning.

Alex Claudio became the most reliable guy in the bullpen. Jake Diekman had an amazing return after three different surgeries putting him on DL for the majority of the season.

Robinson Chirinos should be an All-Star next year. He batted .255, hit 17 homers and had an OPS of .866. At one point had a 13 game hitting streak which turned into a 29 game on base streak which is the second longest streak for a Ranger catcher in club history. He also played through a hamstring injury in the final five weeks of the season.

So yeah, this season wasn’t there best, but it also wasn’t 2014 part 2. And I don’t know about you but I’m really gonna miss this team when we’re in the middle of December with nothing to watch every day.

These happy stats will get me through the winter.

And just like that the 2017 weekly is done, see y’all in 2018!