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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Celebrating Pudge Rodriguez and Adrian Beltre immortality since July 30, 2017

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. I was ready for the 2017 version of the Texas Rangers to end but I’m never ready for Texas Rangers baseball to end. :(

Levi Weaver gives his eulogy for the 2017 Texas Rangers as they fell to the Oakland A’s 5-2 in the season finale.

T.R. Sullivan writes that at least Adrian Beltre had his moment in the finale as he broke up a no-hitter and left to a standing ovation.

Jeff Wilson confirms that Beltre is coming back to play baseball in 2018 but now we just have to hope he comes back a Ranger.

Evan Grant writes that Beltre wants to be a Ranger but he also wants to play for a winner and, in 2017, the Rangers were not that.

Wilson writes that, despite no finger pointing from the team itself, there is plenty of blame to go around for why the Rangers won’t be playing beyond game 162 for just the second time since 2009.

Sam Butler writes that Cole Hamels is already looking forward to a bounce-back 2018 season after a disappointing, injury-filled 2017 campaign.

Sullivan notes that the first step of the offseason for the Rangers is an evaluation of the coaching staff by management.

Pretty much all steps of the offseason after that will be about convincing Shohei Otani to sign with Texas. Grant examines the Rangers’ chances of landing their Plan A.

Wilson notes that in addition to practically the entire lineup becoming plagued with injuries down the stretch, Robinson Chirinos was playing with a Grade 2 hamstring strain for the final five weeks of the season.

And, lastly, Adrian Beltre is still up for MLB Personality of the Year which honestly should just be named the Adrian Beltre Award.

Have a nice offseason.