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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Celebrating Pudge Rodriguez and Adrian Beltre immortality since July 30, 2017

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

Good morning.

With the baseball world focused on a batshit World Series and the DFW perpetually focused on the Cowboys, there’s not much Rangers news to parse this morning.

It seems only Evan Grant still cares about the Rangers:

Among a bunch of chat answers, Grant looks at some places Jurickson Profar may end up this offseason including the eternally rumored San Diego destination.

Among even more answers, Grant writes about my two favorite non-Yu, non-Otani free agent pitchers I’d like to see the Rangers sign: Alex Cobb and Miles Mikolas.

And, lastly, Grant’s positional outlook for shortstop says Texas is in good hands with Elvis Andrus.

Have a nice day!