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Texas Rangers release Prince Fielder

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The Texas Rangers have officially released Prince Fielder, clearing a 40 man roster spot

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have officially released Prince Fielder, the team announced today.

Fielder missed the latter part of the 2016 and all of the 2017 season due to a career-ending neck/back issue which required surgery in 2016. The Rangers had not released him up to this point because he had to stay on the 40 man roster (or be on the 60 day disabled list) in order for the Rangers to collect on the insurance on his contract. Insurance is believed to be paying $9 million of the $18 million per year the Rangers are paying to Fielder through 2020, with the Detroit Tigers paying $6 million per year.

Presumably, the Rangers negotiated a settlement with the insurance company which will allow them to release Fielder, free up a 40 man roster spot, and still collect the bulk of what is due under insurance. There is supposed to be more information on this at the press conference later today.