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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Thursday morning Rangers news and links

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, folks...

The Texas Rangers had their year-end press conference yesterday, where it was announced that bullpen coach Brad Holman will not return, though the rest of the coaching staff is coming back.

Evan Grant talks about what the departure of Holman really means, and has this interesting item:

He is the lowest man on the coaching totem pole, isolated from the rest of the staff during games, serving at the orders of the pitching coach, who serves at the pleasure of the manager, and this manager is very involved in pitching philosophy.

Which gets back to something I’ve said before, in regards to the calls to fire Doug Brocail from people who say he needs to go because they don’t like his pitching philosophy: its ultimately Jeff Banister’s pitching philosophy. The “pitch inside” mantra is something that they did in Pittsburgh when he was there and that he brought over here. If you want a different pitching philosophy, the change is going to come from the manager having a different philosophy, not bringing in a new pitching coach.

Prince Fielder was officially released yesterday, and the Rangers negotiated a deal with the insurance company to allow them to release him and still collect on the policy insuring his contract. The move frees up a 40 man roster spot this offseason.

Jon Daniels mentioned that they’re still considering Matt Bush as a starting pitcher.

Levi Weaver runs down the news from yesterday’s press conference...

Jon Daniels says that the Rangers are not rebuilding and expect to win in 2018.

Kevin Sherrington says that, regardless of what you call it, Jon Daniels has a big task ahead of him.

Gerry Fraley looks at the best power hitter for the Rangers in 2018.