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Texas Rangers top three 2017 picks make BA AZL Top 20 prospect list

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The Rangers placed all three of their top 2017 draft picks in the Arizona League top 20 prospect list

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers placed three prospects in the 2017 Baseball America top 20 prospect list for the Arizona Rookie League -- and it is the three guys you see in the photo above, who were the top three picks for the Rangers in the 2017 draft.

The Rangers’ first round pick, outfielder Bubba Thompson, placed #6 on the list. The Rangers’ compensatory pick for losing , Chris Seise, placed #12 on the list. And the Rangers’ second round pick, righthanded pitcher Hans Crouse, was at #5 — the top Ranger on the list.

Crouse has generated a bunch of buzz since being drafted, and has seen his stock rise significantly since he went at the end of the second round. BA has praise for his ability to command all three of his pitches, with his upper-90s fastball and his slider grading as potential plus pitches, and the changeup as a potential average pitch.

Thompson is your typical toolsy high school outfielder, a multi-sport guy who has questions about his bat but quality bat speed and power potential, as well as being a true center fielder.

Seise, who earned a late promotion to Spokane, is a shortstop who BA says has “elite” instincts for his age, and profiles as a solid all-around player.

That gives the Rangers seven prospects who made the cut in the Northwest League and the AZL list, as well as Pedro Gonzalez in the Pioneer League.