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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Good morning.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers needed to sign a guy like Doug Fister early to avoid panicking on a worse deal later.

Jeff Sullivan writes that perhaps the Rangers are adding a steal with Fister and his cheap one-year deal which is really all you can hope for when you’re in the market for three starting pitchers.

T.R. Sullivan notes that the Rangers claimed Houston backup catcher Juan Centeno off waivers obviously to steal all of the Astros secrets.

Jeff Wilson writes that the acquisition of Centeno isn’t just about depth or franchise espionage (my words, not his), but competition for Brett Nicholas to become Robinson Chirinos’ backup.


Sullivan (of the T.R. variety) offers eight reasons for Shohei Ohtani to consider signing with the Rangers. Ninth reason: I want him to.

Wilson does the Rangers’ homework for them as he answers the questions Ohtani’s agency recently sent out to each MLB team angling to sign Ohtani.

Jon Paul Morosi lists eight top contenders for Ohtani with the Rangers alongside the Yankees and Dodgers as the three presumed favorites.

Jorge L. Ortiz of USA Today offers six teams who would be a good fit for Ohtani with the Rangers atop his list and I’m mostly just posting these in the hopes that Ohtani Googles his name and sees this and thinks, “You know, they make a solid point. The Rangers are a good fit for me...”


And, lastly, do you develop systems? Would you like to develop the systems of the Texas Rangers? Apply now!

Have a nice day!