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Roy Halladay killed in plane crash

Former major league pitcher Roy Halladay was killed in plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico today

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Roy Halladay, former Toronto Blue Jay and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, is the registered owner of a small plane that has crashed in the Gulf of Mexico, per multiple reports. There is one person reportedly deceased in the crash, and though that person has not been identified, the initial fears are that it could be Halladay.

There is apparently going to be a press conference later this afternoon with more information, and as more news becomes available on this, we will update this post.

UPDATE — The Pasco County, Florida, sheriff’s department has confirmed that it was Halladay who was killed in the crash.

Very sad news for the baseball community. Halladay, 40, was a two-time Cy Young Award Winner and eight time All Star who was viewed as a strong candidate to be inducted into the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible in the voting at the end of 2018.