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Darvish not a fan of Rangers’ rules, says Gimenez

Former Rangers and Twins catcher Chris Gimenez had some comments on Yu Darvish, including Darvish not liking some of the Rangers’ rules

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors: Yu Darvish was “not necessarily a fan of some of” the Rangers’ rules while he and Chris Gimenez were teammates in Texas, according to Gimenez, via a story in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Gimenez, who spent part of two seasons with the Rangers, and who was with the Twins last year, said that the Rangers “had a lot of rules,” with the article stating:

Those included Kangaroo Court clubhouse fines for not being early enough for daily team stretch on the field, wearing footwear with shoelaces on road trips or wearing anything on the road that failed to meet third baseman Adrian Beltre’s exacting standards.

Gimenez is quoted at length talking about what a great relationship Yu has with Twins general manager Thad Levine, who spent years with the Rangers organization and who was actively involved in the recruitment and signing of Darvish when he came over from Japan.

So...I guess if you want to panic or connect this with the controversy over whether Darvish was happy in Texas, you can. There’s been talk about the Rangers and Darvish both having interest in a reunion. Maybe the interest isn’t really that great on either side. Or maybe this is a Minnesota paper pushing the local angle by emphasizing how much better they think Darvish would like it in Minnesota than in Texas.

I don’t know that I have much to say about this. We have heard before it is Adrian Beltre’s clubhouse and his team, and if he wants to police what players wear on the road...well, he’s Adrian Beltre. If that keeps Yu Darvish from coming back to Texas, well, such is life.