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LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings start Monday

On Monday, we will kick off our offseason community prospect rankings

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good news, everyone...the offseason series you’ve all been waiting for, the LSB Offseason Community Prospect Rankings, will start on Monday.

As you know, each day, we list a bunch of Rangers prospects, and you vote on the top one on the list. If the vote is close, we have a runoff. As prospects get voted on and leave the list, new ones are added.

You can check out the mid-season top 20 list from 2017 here, and I expect that we will see quite a few changes...Hans Crouse, for example, probably is going to be higher than #12.

Everyone on the top 20 list from the midseason will be on the list we start voting on on Monday. In the comments, tell me what other prospects you think should be on the list.