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Martin Perez has surgery for broken elbow

Texas Rangers pitcher Martin Perez had surgery on his right elbow after breaking it in an incident with a bull

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Martin Perez broke the radial head of his right elbow, which necessitated surgery, according to the beat guys on Twitter. Perez apparently broke the elbow in an “incident with a bull.” After Derek Holland needed microfracture surgery for his knee after tripping over his dog, and now this, maybe the Rangers should have a no-large-pets policy for their pitchers. Fish won’t land you on the disabled list.

Per the beat guys, Perez says he won’t miss time, while the team is suggesting he may miss time early in the year. This would seem to make it more likely that 1) the Rangers grab another established starting pitcher this offseason, and 2) Matt Bush gets a legitimate look as a starting pitcher.

The good news, I guess, is that Perez is a lefthander, so this is his non-pitching arm. Regardless, this is not the way we wanted to end 2017.