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2018 Texas Rangers ZiPS Projections

ZiPS thinks the 2018 Texas Rangers will be bad

Texas Rangers Workout
Two-thirds of the players currently on the Rangers ZiPS projects to be above-average
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 2018 Texas Rangers ZiPS projections are out, and...they aren’t good.

They are actually bad.

Three players are projected to be worth at least 2.0 WAR (which is the “average player” market) -- Adrian Beltre, Cole Hamels, and Martin Perez.

Elvis Andrus is projected to decline significantly. Joey Gallo is projected to get worse. A bunch of players are projected to be, basically, mediocre or worse.

Which, I guess, isn’t surprising. The team wasn’t good last year. The Rangers also have about $35 million to spend in free agent acquisitions, so this group will improve in terms of overall WAR projection, but still, I would expect the projection systems heading into 2018 to have the team at about 78-80 wins.