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Angels, Mariners acquire additional international slot money

Both Seattle and Anaheim have made deals tonight to acquire additional international pool money from the Minnesota Twins

Paper Currency Is Designed And Printed At Bureau of Engraving and Printing Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Seattle Mariners and the Anaheim Angels have each made separate trades with the Minnesota Twins to acquire additional international bonus pool money tonight. Each team acquired $1 million in bonus pool money, with the Angels sending 2017 3rd rounder Jacob Pearson to the Twins, and the Mariners trading third rounder Daniel Banuelos.

The Twins had a little over $3 million available before this deal, and were after Ohtani, but now that Ohtani has eliminated Minnesota, they apparently are looking to move that extra pool money for prospects.

Texas still can offer the most of any team for Ohtani, at $3.535 million. Anaheim can now offer $2.315 million, and Seattle can offer a little over $2.5 million. The other four finalists for Ohtani — the Cubs, the Padres, the Dodgers and the Giants — are limited to offering no more than $300,000 due to spending limitations imposed as a result of exceeding their pool limits in prior years.