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Texas Rangers rumors: Jose Quintana pursuit “increased”, by Nightengale

Bob Nightengale says the Rangers have suddenly increased their pursuit of ChiSox starter Jose Quintana

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors: Jose Quintana, Chicago White Sox starting pitcher, has been a pitcher of interest for the Rangers for some time, with rumors swirling all last summer about the Rangers’ supposed interest in the lefthander. That talk had quieted down this offseason, but according to Bob Nightengale, the Rangers “suddenly have increased their pursuit” of Quintana.

Quintana, 28, is under team control through 2020, with two guaranteed years at $7 million and $8.85 million, a $10.5 million team option for 2019, and an $11.5 million team option for 2020.

Quintana has pitched 200 innings each of the last four seasons, racking up 18.1 bWAR over that time, and he has a career 3.41 ERA and 3.47 FIP. Quintana qualifies as a solid #2, but because of the combination of ability, low price, and lengthy team control, the price for Quintana is going to be very high. Texas probably would need to part with either Rougned Odor or Nomar Mazara, and along with one of them, give up Joey Gallo, as well as a couple of other top 10-15 in the system types.

This is a bit out of the blue, particularly with pitchers and catchers reporting in just a couple of weeks. It has me wondering if there is something up with one of the Rangers’ current rotation members, or if Texas has suddenly budged on their willingness to part with, say, Rougned Odor, who I have to think would need to be part of any deal.

I remain skeptical that there’s much, if anything, to this...but I guess we shall see..

UPDATE -- Evan Grant says there is not a renewed push for Quintana being made by the Rangers.