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2017 Texas Rangers over/under at 86.5

The first over/under win figures from a Nevada sports book have the Rangers at 86.5

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

2017 Texas Rangers over/under:  The Atlantic Casino in Reno, Nevada, has released the first set of over/under lines for MLB teams for 2017, and the Texas Rangers are at 86.5.

This seems like a pretty reasonable number, to me, all things considered.  Among A.L. West teams, only the Astros, at 87.5, are above Texas in their newly released lines, with the Mariners at 85.5.  The Angels are at 76.5, and the A's at 66.5 -- below every team in baseball other than San Diego (64.5).

The Cubs are currently seen as being far and away the top team in baseball, with the casino putting them at 95.5 wins -- 3 above the Indians, and 4 above the Dodgers.  The Nationals and Red Sox are the other two teams whose lines are above 90 -- they are both at 90.5.

And since we have an over/under win total for the Rangers out there, I have put up a poll, below, for you to weigh in -- do you expect the Rangers will be over or under that 86.5 win total this year?