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Matuella, Lemoine in camp and throwing

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Injury-plagued minor league pitchers Mike Matuella and Jake Lemoine are both already in camp and throwing

Kansas City Royals v Texas Rangers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mike Matuella and Jake Lemoine, Texas Rangers minor league pitchers, are in camp and throwing, according to T.R. Sullivan.

This is a big deal because the pair of righthanders, who Texas selected in the third and fourth rounds, respectively, in the 2015 draft, have logged minimal time on the mound as professionals. Lemoine, who struggled with shoulder issues as a junior at the University of Houston, hasn’t pitched a single inning as a professional, with Matuella, who battled a torn UCL as well as back problems while at Duke, has appeared in just one game, throwing three innings for Spokane last year before landing back on the shelf with a sprained UCL.

Matuella is throwing off of flat ground, according to Sullivan, while Lemoine is throwing off the mound. I am sure the Rangers are going to be cautious with both pitchers, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they started the season in short-season ball in Spokane rather than in a full season league. But the fact that both guys are at least throwing right now is good to hear.