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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the back-to-back American League West Champion Texas Rangers

Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good morning.

It has been surprisingly rainy in Surprise, Evan Grant writes, but the Rangers aren’t behind schedule.

Gil LeBreton writes that Martin Perez is the key to the Rangers in 2017 as Texas counts on him to blossom into a #3 starter.

T.R. Sullivan writes about how Nomar Mazara plans to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

Jeff Wilson profiles wizened Jurickson Profar who expects big things with Texas this season.

Connor Sadzeck is having a buzzy early spring but, as Stefan Stevenson notes, the Rangers aren’t going to rush him.

Grant writes that the Rangers have at least a trio of reasons to feel like they could have a dominant bullpen in 2017.

Stevenson chronicles how the Rangers ended up finally winning at Brady Dragmire waiver roulette.

Alex Claudio’s street cred is among Sullivan’s notes which also include the fact that Tanner Scheppers has one of the most coveted lockers in Surprise for some reason.

The signing of Carlos Gomez by Texas made honorable mention on Fangraphs’ best transactions of the offseason list.

And, lastly, Demetrius Bell writes about the everlasting legacy of RBI Baseball over at The Hardball Times.

Have a nice day!