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Josh Hamilton having his knee examined

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Per the beat guys, Josh Hamilton has flown to Houston to have his surgically repaired knee looked at

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees, Game 5 Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Well, that was fast...Josh Hamilton put on a show in batting practice that had folks oohing and aahing earlier this week. Today, the Texas Rangers outfielder has returned to Houston to see the doctor who operated on his left knee, after experiencing pain in it, per the beat guys.

This is disappointing, but not surprising, I guess. And who knows, maybe it is minor, just a twinge that is of no ultimate importance. But, as Bill Parcells used to say, the problem with injury-prone players is that they tend to get injured a lot, and that’s the cloud hanging over Josh right now.

So we shall hold our breath and see what the doctor says about Josh, and whether he’s fine, or needs to take it slow, or is altogether broken. The idea of Josh providing value as a lefty bench bat who can play 1B and DH some is great, both sentimentally and (if he can still hit some) from a baseball standpoint, but the chances of that happening look lower now than they did 24 hours ago.