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Josh Hamilton’s knee is “structurally sound”

Per the beat guys, Josh Hamilton got a platelet-rich injection in his knee, which is “structurally sound”

Texas Rangers Photo Day Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Its time for the daily Josh Hamilton update...

After putting on an impressive show in batting practice, and then having to go to Houston to have his knee, which was hurting, looked at, Josh Hamilton is apparently back in camp, with the beat guys saying that the MRI showed his knee to be “structurally sound.” He received a platelet-rich injection in the knee, and will apparently see if rest helps things before resuming baseball activities early next week.

Just the latest in the ongoing Josh Hamilton saga, as the Rangers look to see if he will be able to perform this year, and stay on the field long enough to make his performance worthwhile. We will, I assume, have more on this topic next week...