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Texas Rangers roster projection: Evan Grant's latest version

Evan Grant has updated his projected Opening Day roster for the Texas Rangers

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Texas Rangers roster projection:  Evan Grant's latest projection of the Texas Rangers' Opening Day roster is out, and it has Hanser Alberto taking the place of Josh Hamilton on the bench.  Hamilton was included in Evan's initial projection, but given that Josh is out for Opening Day, that creates an opening.

I'm not sure that I agree that Hanser gets the nod instead of Josh, however.  A lot of the value of having Jurickson Profar and Ryan Rua in a left field platoon is that each gives you the versatility to fill in at other positions -- Profar can play anywhere in the infield, and Rua can play all four corners as well as second base.  Hanser is, essentially, a second utility infielder who isn't likely to get much playing time in the infield, since Profar would be the primary backup there.

If we assume Delino DeShields, Robinson Chirinos, and Profar man three of the bench spots, that gives you a backup CF, a backup C, and a UIF.  That means there's flexibility with the fourth spot, since all your regular positions have a primary backup.  The flip side of that is that there is no readily apparent frontrunner for that last spot -- James Loney could be an option to share time with Mike Napoli, or Jared Hoying could be a CF/PR option, or Drew Robinson could be a versatile lefty version of Rua.  You could even, theoretically, see Brett Nicholas sneak in as a third catcher/lefty bench bat.

Or the Rangers could start the season with 13 pitchers, enabling them to keep Mike Hauschild (who Evan has making the team as a long man) even once a fifth starter is needed.

In any case, I offer you the below poll...assuming no injuries to the 12 position players who appear to have roster spots right now, what happens with that fourth bench spot?