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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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The latest news and notes on the back-to-back American League West Champion Texas Rangers

Tampa Bay Rays v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning. Welcome to the unofficial first day of the baseball season! The Stars are having an injury-filled, disappointing season. The NBA disbanded after Dirk got his ring in 2011 as far as I know. And we don’t have to hear a single thing about an NFL game for like seven months. Thanks for the distraction, lesser sports.

On that note, Stefan Stevenson writes about the Rangers debuting a TV spot during the Super Bowl to let everyone know that it’s almost time for baseball.

With pitchers and catchers scheduled to report to Surprise in nine days, Evan Grant takes a look at how the infield is shaping up for Texas.

Travis Sawchik of Fangraphs ponders just what a full season of Jonathan Lucroy can do for the Rangers.

David Schoenfield writes that when Yu Darvish has his 65 MPH Bugs Bunny curveball working, he’s worth the price of admission to watch.

Keith Law continues to hope that infield prospect Josh Morgan will make the switch to catcher so he can put him in his top 100 list.

Finally, the Rangers are adding a full season of Lucroy, a full season of Darvish, a full season of Matt Bush, a full season of Carlos Gomez, and Tyson Ross and Andrew Cashner to the team that won the most games in the American League but Richard Justice writes that it’s impossible to pick Texas higher than third or fourth in the AL West.

Have a nice day!