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Texas Rangers rumors: Mike Napoli deal “looks positive”

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Jon Heyman says things “look positive” for the Rangers and Mike Napoli getting a deal done

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Rangers rumors: Mike Napoli and the Texas Rangers have been an ongoing rumor for...well, the whole offseason, really, with lots of talk but no deal actually happening yet.

Jon Heyman tweets that, while there’s no done deal yet “things now look positive,” with talks “progressing.”

Jared Sandler says its expected to get done by March 1, with Texas getting Napoli to take a one year deal (though he has been seeking a multi-year contract).

As Sandler notes, at this point, it makes sense that a deal doesn’t become official until after pitchers and catchers report, at which point Prince Fielder and Jake Diekman can be officially placed on the 60 day d.l., opening up a 40 man roster spot that Napoli could then fill, rather than forcing the team to DFA, say, Tyler Wagner.

Napoli isn’t 2011 Napoli, but he’s a solid platoon bat for 1B/DH who also has a reputation for being a great teammate and clubhouse guy. If Texas can get him in here on a one year deal, that’s a solid pickup, and doesn’t tie their hands beyond 2017.

UPDATE -- Jeff Wilson says that two sources are saying a deal is “done,” while others say it is close.