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Wednesday Morning Links


Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Cole Hamels isn’t going to let sucking in the postseason ruin his 2017 season.

He’s also easing into his spring training workload.

Sam Dyson has a sprained wrist.

Ryan Rua had an injury in 2015 that nearly derailed his career, but it didn’t because it was one of those injuries that you get because you’re grittier than a lunchpail full of hard hats.

Smartypants reliever Craig Breslow is into sabermetrics but says that Mike Napoli has a surplus of the one variable that’s not factored into WAR: the “it” factor. Based on his description the “it” factor is what is sometimes called “the quiet cool,” where you don’t talk much and people think you’re thinking about things that are way cooler than they are.

The answer is no.

Ray Davis thinks Yu Darvish is going to win the Cy Young.

Josh Hamilton’s injury opens the door for several players to be major league contributors.

We’ve got a two to three month respite from Josh Hamilton comeback talk.

The Rangers pitchers are taking it slow this spring.

Cole Hamels played Obi Wan for prospect Cole Ragans.

Ray Davis was cryptic in responding to questions about the likelihood of resigning Yu Darvish.

Ronald Guzman wants to follow in Nomar Mazara’s footsteps.

Jeff Wilson takes on a number of wide-ranging topics in his Surprise Five.