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Texas Rangers vs Indians/Reds Spring Training GDT

Rangers tag team the baseball state of Ohio with a Saturday afternoon split squad doubleheader

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Around a third of the Rangers' projected roster is spread among five different teams competing in the World Baseball Classic. Another third will be in Surprise today as the Rangers take on the Reds. The remaining group of Rangers are in San Antonio for the conclusion of Big League Weekend against the Indians.

Dillon Gee makes the start for Texas in the Alamodome against Cleveland. You can catch the game on Fox Sports Southwest.

Yu Darvish is scheduled to throw five innings, or around 75-80 pitches, against Cincinnati at 3:00 pm in Arizona. There's no broadcast in any form for the game against the Reds, as far as I can tell, so we'll just have to live with assuming Darvish was rad.

I'm writing this before any of the media folk send out the lineups so just assume Joey Gallo is in there somewhere and probably Drew Robinson, too. I seem to recall seeing them in lineups before.

Go Rangers!