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Opening Week Recap

A look at the week that was for the Texas Rangers

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Season Record: 2-4

So let’s talk about Opening week, shall we?

I know that opening series didn’t go how we all hoped/expected, but we’re all a safe distance away from the panic button right? For those of you already panicking because the Rangers went 0-3 against the Indians, yes a couple of those were tough losses but get 2014 out of your head. Unless every player suddenly dies, 2017 isn’t going to be a repeat of that year we’d all like to forget.

I’m going to focus on the good things that happened in the first week of the 2017 MLB season, and despite what the standings may show, there are plenty.

And to preface this, I’m not the stat-iest of people and especially in the first week of the season, do stats really tell you that much?

Starting Pitching

I’ll start by saying, I’m not going to judge starting pitching off of 1-2 starts. That being said, Darvish pitched well enough to win both his starts. Which if this season is anything like the previous four seasons he pitched, I’ll be saying that a number of times. Hamels definitely should’ve gotten a win in his start as well. If Perez can continue pitching how he did on Sunday (and I realize the horrific job the ump was doing went in the Rangers favor) he could have a really good year. A fast-paced Martin is the best Martin.

And then there is A.J. Griffin. I don’t even know. I can’t say I’m surprised his first game went how it did. Last year was the same, great the first time through the order and then things blow up. Opponent’s batting average jumps from .242 to .283. It also jumps significantly after 50 pitches.

It won’t be long before Nick Martinez is called up and probably Cashner too…. so I guess just hope for the best?

Now, the stand outs in the first week:

Rougned Odor

I expected power from Rougie but I did not expect three homers in the first week. I so look forward to more of the bat drop, head down, home run trot from him.

Joey Gallo

I might have mentioned before, I’m not exactly a permanent resident of Gallo Island. I have a nice vacation house on the beach there though and Joey is convincing me to come visit. I’m not the most patient person when it comes Gallo and his approach at the base. I think I’m scorned by those Hamilton ABs of 2012, ya know the three lazy swings at pitches out of the zone? So strikeouts make me cringe. But so far, I’m liking what I see.

Also I’m really intrigued by his sneaky speed. I expect him to run like Mazara and every time, I’m amazed by his hustle.

Nomar Mazara

Leading the majors in RBI, already got the Rangers their elusive grand slam (remember they had none in all of 2015, glad they knocked that off the list early.) This kid is going to be fun to watch. (I mean it’s only by a few months but he is younger than me so I can call him a kid, right?) As long as he stops trying to stretch those singles to doubles, this is going to be a fun season.

Carlos Gomez

So I wasn’t writing for LSB last year so y’all may not know about how much I loved having Ian Desmond on the team. I miss him like he was a a forever Ranger. I don’t understand how he was on the team for one season but had so much impact.

Well Carlos Gomez is very quickly becoming what Ian Desmond was. The player that you were kinda iffy about and then all of a sudden he’s top of the list of your favorites to watch.

This guy is the guy I’ll be rooting for the hardest this season because how can you not? Approach at the plate, hustle, defense, Rangers “took” him from Houston, what more could you ask for? Actually.... one thing, can someone get him a helmet with a chin strap?

Jose Leclerc

I know he pitched in 12 games last season, but I don’t remember much about it. And that probably has to do with the fact that every game he pitched in was a Ranger loss. However, this season, he caught my eye immediately. His first appearance of the season, 2 innings, no hits, no runs, no walks, three strikeouts. All on just 24 pitches, 18 strikes. Yeah that’s gonna leave an impression. I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Alex Claudio

There was definitely a time where I did not want to see this guy pitch in games. But after being one of the most reliable guys in the pen last year and already shaping up to be the same this year, I might just turn into his biggest fan. I know he has a lot of competition but he’s a front runner for early calls on #RangersMVP

If you were worried before, do you feel calmer now? Just focus on the good. Also remember the season is 162, not 16, six games isn’t the best indication of where they’ll be in October. (And if it is, then Seattle is going to under-perform wayyyy worse than the Rangers.)

So yes our pitching may seem cringe worthy, but personally, last week looked promising. Games didn’t really get away from them and the bats weren’t completely cold. All losses suck but if we have to watch them lose, I much prefer the huge home run hitting, fighting it out Ranger losses of last week then the losses of last October (sorry I’m just trying to make a point.)

Also Beltre. Beltre will be back and Beltre helps everything.

And if for some reason the Rangers crash and burn, you all have this to reference when you tweet me I was wrong. Until then, I’ll be optimistic.

P.S. Look at these big, happy kids celebrating!

P.S.S Here is The Big Chill... just chillin