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Texas Rangers valued at $1.55 billion, per Forbes

The annual Forbes franchise valuation report is out, with the Texas Rangers valued at $1.55 billion

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers franchise is valued at $1.55 billion, according to the annual Forbes franchise valuation report which was released today. That makes the Rangers the 11th most valuable franchise in MLB.

It also seems to indicate that Bob Simpson and Ray Davis knew what they were doing when they became the money men behind the group that purchased the Rangers from Hicks Sports Group in bankruptcy court in August, 2010, for $590 million. The team is now, based on Forbes’ numbers, worth more than two and a half times what the oil billionaires paid less than seven years ago.

And of course, one can reasonably assume that the value of the team will be even greater in a few years, once the new ballpark that is being built opens up. This has me wondering why I didn’t just buy the Rangers back in 2010 -- I would have had to ask Tom Hicks to hold my check for $590 million for a few days, but surely he wouldn’t have minded...