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Wednesday Morning Links


World Baseball Classic - Pool C - Game 1 - Canada v Dominican Republic Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

AJ Griffin knows that it’s not the home runs that are killing him, it’s the walks ahead of them.

Andrew Cashner and Doug Brocail disagree about whether Cashner is ready to make his first start on Saturday.

Adrian Beltre has had a setback with his calf, buying Joey Gallo some more time in the saddle.

Whiskey tango foxtrot, Sam Dyson?

The Rangers are looking for answers after blowing another one, and might I suggest that I don’t what the answer is but it’s probably not Sam Dyson.

Adrian Beltre aggravated his calf problem by “testing” it.

Sam Dyson is trying to correct a mechanical issue.

Thanks for the effort, Cole Hamels, you got Dyson’d!

Andrew Cashner will probably need to make one more rehab start before joining the big club.

What’s keeping Sam Dyson in the closer role is likely the terrible options that might replace him.

Beltre is likely gone until May.