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4-6 - Rangers finally held without dinger, lose to M's

King Felix has returned to hold Rangers at bay as Texas falls in opener 2-1

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time this season, the Rangers did not hit a home run. It is perhaps not surprising then that the Rangers did not win.

Since Texas leads the baseballing world in dingers, and have scored a great percentage of their runs via the long ball, the Rangers were not fully armed and operational against a newly refurbished Felix Hernandez without their favorite method for plating runs.

Texas had an opportunity to tie their 2009 record for homering in ten consecutive games to begin a season but were unable to launch anything through the dense wafting depression that descends upon Safeco Field every April. Perhaps we can count Nelson Cruz's solo home run off Martin Perez in the fourth inning as an honorary Rangers dong.

I miss you, Nellie.

Player of the Game: C.B. Bucknor is so bad at umpiring that he nearly gifted the Rangers a win by calling Mitch Haniger's go-ahead RBI "single" a three-run home run. How would that help the Rangers, you ask?

Well, by calling the hit a home run, the umpires were forced to review an obvious call and saw that the the blast off the bat of Haniger had hit the top of the wall but never went over.

Then the umps decided to award the M's on base first and second base instead of second and third. A double play later, and the M's led 2-1 instead of 4-1 and gave Texas a big opportunity to come back.

Thanks for trying C.B.

Up Next: Andrew Cashner makes his 2017, American League, and Texas Rangers debut against Seattle with the Mariners countering with young fireball-tossing lefty James Paxton. Tomorrow night's game set for an hour earlier with first pitch scheduled for 8:10 pm CT.