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Week two review -- Pitching is a Problem

Looking back at the week that was, pitching woes loom large

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Season record: 4-8

So… I guess it’s time to talk about that Rangers bullpen. It’s pretty obvious Dyson will no longer be the closer after Sunday’s game. With that, I’m hoping Banny tries a “no roles” bullpen again.

I can’t tell you if Dyson’s only issue was being labeled ‘The Closer’ or what. Maybe having that label added a lot of pressure on him that he just couldn’t shake. I don’t know how far that goes because I don’t play baseball, I don’t coach baseball, I’ve never played a sport, and I have yet to take sports psychology (but I’ll let you know when I do if they address that.) But I hope it’s a label issue. Put him back in the seventh and eighth inning and that be the end of that.

Like hitting the reset button.

I’m hoping if they go with the “no roles” bullpen, that eliminates Banny using a pitcher just because that’s where he’s supposed to be used. Like using Dyson in the ninth just because he’s supposed to be the closer.

Oh! I’ve also never managed a team either… obviously, so this isn’t me telling Banny what he should do.

When Kela gets called up, Rangers have plenty of potential closers, that moving Dyson out of that role will be fine. Bush, Jeffress, Barnette, Kela or Leclerc occasionally. I’m not terribly worried about the bullpen… if Dyson isn’t coming out in the ninth.

Here is Leclerc striking out Trout

I know last week some people freaked out because I wanted to focus on the good things and not address the negative but lets remember, the season is six months long and we are only two weeks in.

You’ll find that I can remain insanely optimistic for a while so if that’s not your thing... maybe check back in June and see how things are going?

Speaking of pitching, can we all agree that Cashner’s debut was better than expected? All I hoped for was maybe five innings and chance. Which technically when he left the game after 5.1 giving up just two runs was a chance. So I’ll take it.

Not pitching related, Elvis hit a home run that wasn’t a wall scraper and I’m really enjoying power hitter Elvis Andrus.

Hopefully this time next week I can talk about a couple series wins and a happy, fun, non-stressful bullpen.

p.s. Beanie Beltre is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life