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Wednesday Morning Links

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics

Yu Darvish was great last night until he wasn’t.

And, since there’s plenty of shame to go around, let’s not forget to mention the bullpen in the FWST recap.

Matt Bush says the goal is the same whether he’s the closer or not.

Is there room on the Nomar Mazara bandwagon?

Keone Kela has come back to the big club with a better attitude, saying his teammates want to help him become a better man.

Two words that you never want to hear: elbow discomfort.

It may be too early to say the Rangers are in a funk, but it’s never too early to panic.

If we lived in Westeros every single member of the bullpen would be walking to the clubhouse naked with heads shaved.

The situation in left field has settled into a platoon.

Is AJ Griffin here to stay?

Jeff Banister says the “ingredients are there” for Nomar Mazara to be a great hitter.

Yu Darvish’s most recent meltdown is a real puzzler.