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5-10 - Joey Gallo hit a long home run wooo dingers!

Joey Gallo hit a long bomb did you see it? Boy he hit that thing a mile

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

I could write about Martin Perez allowing four runs in a 40 pitch first inning where he threw most everything inside was a disaster nightmare for Doug Brocail and his pitching philosophy after last night's yanking of Yu Darvish under confusing circumstances.

I could write about the Rangers having their worst record since the unequaled horror that was the 2002 Rangers. Or that they avoided the possibility of having the nicest record of all at 6-9 by losing the game and series to the A's today.

But screw that! Joey Gallo hit one to the moon and it was daytime!! Ooo wee!

Player of the Game:

Hooo boy, watch it fly!

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