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Napoli, Lucroy both sit today, Elvis hits cleanup

Mike Napoli and Jonathan Lucroy, both of who are slumping early, each get a day off in today’s matinee

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers first baseman Mike Napoli and catcher Jonathan Lucroy are veterans who were expected to help carry the Rangers offense this year. Both are off to slow starts today, and both are sitting in today’s day game against the Royals. This is the first time all season Napoli has not been in the starting lineup. that Elvis Andrus hitting cleanup? Apparently so...

The starting lineup:

Gomez — CF

Choo — DH

Mazara — RF

Elvis — SS

Odor — 2B

Rua — 1B

Gallo — 3B

Chirinos — C

Profar -- LF

Yu Darvish is on the mound for Texas as they look for the sweep against Kansas City’s Jason Hammel.