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9-11 - Rangers still can't beat the Twins for "some reason"

The Rangers are now 5-9 against Minnesota since the start of the 2015 season

Tonight's villain pantomiming a salacious act
Tonight's villain pantomiming a salacious act
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I don't know where to direct all this mad! Do I direct it at home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez for squeezing Martin Perez at the top of the zone while giving Phil Hughes everything close at the bottom of the zone? (Hide your eyes.)

Do I rage at 'Teen for once again letting one of his innings spiral out of control and ultimately be his undoing? Perez pitched six innings and the Twins didn't score in five of them. In fact, the Twins only scored in one at-bat when Brian Dozier hit a two-out, three-run double after Perez had walked the bases loaded.

So, despite cruising, Perez couldn't find that final strike to get him out of his weekly trouble inning.

I can't be mad at too many things before being mad at the offense which scored only two runs despite facing the Twins. I guess I could be mad that the Rangers seemingly hit a dozen balls to the base of the wall, though. Imagine if The Ballpark was a hitters' park.

I am quite annoyed that the Rangers aren't at least 10-10 and on their way to being above .500 for the first time this season.

I suppose I'll just settle for being mad that the Rangers lost against the Twins again despite them being objectively bad the last 20 months or so while the Rangers have been busy ruling the West.

I can't even blame Thad Levine because he was here last season when the Rangers won 95 games and lost five of seven to a Twins team that was the only team in baseball to lose more than 100 games.

Just kidding about all this rage indecisiveness. Fuck Alfonso Marquez. Yes. This is the one baseball game in history where the umpire literally decided the outcome in the favor of one team and that team was not the team that you enjoy.

Player of the Game: Since 'Teen had that inning where he couldn't stop himself from giving up runs, and the offense didn't do much with their early chances and then didn't even create chances late, the best Ranger of the night for me was Jose Leclerc who tossed 1 2/3 innings of relief while striking out three Twins.

Up Next: The Rangers will once again try to beat the Twins with Andrew Cashner on the mound against Ervin Santana and his 0.64 ERA. First pitch is scheduled for 7:05 pm CT.