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Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush agree to buy Marlins, per report

Reports indicate that a group headed by Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush have won the bidding to own the Miami Marlins

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush head up an group that has reportedly won the bidding to buy the Miami Marlins, according to reports on the Tweetbox.

No definitive word yet on what the purchase price is, although reports are saying it is believe to be $1.3 billion. In addition, Bush and Jeter don’t, themselves, have the sort of scratch necessary to actually buy a team, and so they are the front guys for whoever the money men are. Think of Jeb as the Chuck Greenberg and Jeter as the Nolan Ryan for the unknown Ray Davis and Bob Simpson guys who are actually bankrolling the deal.

Not a bad ROI for Jeffrey Loria, who bought the Montreal Expos, moved them to Florida, sold the Expos to MLB so he could buy the Marlins, got a new stadium built, and was consistently reluctant to actually spend money on payroll.