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Thursday Morning Links

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a pleasant change of pace!

What do you mean when is a good time to hit the panic button? NOW! NOW NOW NOW!

The biggest key to Gallo’s hot start: Hank Blalock’s superfluous rib.

Nick Martinez’s start may be a sensible point to make some pitching moves.

CJ Wilson is now doing bits on the racing circuit. Incidentally, this story includes an anecdote from Wilson about a Fast and the Furious race between himself and Colby Lewis. Colby Lewis, when asked for comment, said “I don’t remember that.”

Adrian Beltre should be back by September 2018, if all things go as planned.

Should Delino Deshields be in the leadoff spot?

You know what is great to hear from a pitcher having problems? “Well, I did well on about 92 percent of my pitches," Dyson said. "And then the other eight percent, I don't know what happened. My hand is still connected. Nothing is broken. Much better." Because that inspires confidence.

Nick Martinez will get one more start while AJ Griffin’s ankle gets better.

Delino Deshields is capitalizing on other people sucking to cement his case as a regular.

Ryan Rua’s grand slam was the cherry on an 8 run 8th.