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Wednesday Morning Links


Texas Rangers Photo Day Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Matt Mosley says the Rangers probably won’t be in big hurry to resign Jonathan Lucroy.

Joey Gallo is excited to be starting the season with the big club.

The bullpen was a bit of a problem in the loss to Cleveland.

Yu Darvish needs to be more super awesome if the Rangers are going to win the West.

Martin Perez feels good about his first start of the season.

Michael Young knows your pain, Tony Romo.

Jose Leclerc showed he might have a little something something while the rest of the bullpen was meh.

It’s the battle of the disappointing postseasons!

Outside of Joey Gallo’s moonshot, there have been a paucity of Ranger threats.

Joey Gallo brings hope to souvenir hunters in the nosebleeds.

If your outing is described as “technically a quality start” you probably shouldn’t get too excited.

Left field is starting off as the “sharing is caring” position.

Cole Hamels is in the best shape of his life.