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Thursday Morning Links


Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Adam Grosbard looks at a trio of pitchers in Frisco and sees a bright future.

The bullpen struggles have jumped from “unsettling” up to “alarming.”

Someone probably caught a lot of grief over that golf promotion.

Andrew Cashner expects to make the April 15 start for the Rangers.

Jeff Banister says that Joey Gallo has made some big strides.

Adrian Beltre did the jimmy-legs at the plate during a simulated game yesterday, a sure sign the calf troubles are going away.

Joey Gallo’s homer wasn’t a record breaker.

Cole Hamels grades his first 2017 start.

Well, at least this series is over.

Jeff Banister opines that the Ranger pitchers are issuing too many walks.

The Rangers will have to handle up on Khris Davis if they don’t want their second series to also turn into a debacle.

Andrew Cashner showed signs of progress in his simulated game yesterday.

Sam Dyson isn’t a quitter.

I think we can call this an “inauspicious beginning.”

Cashner may get two rehab starts before joining the rotation.

AJ Griffin plans to trust his stuff tomorrow.

Rangers reaction to their first 0-3 start in 10 years... “it’s a long season.”