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Thoughts on a 6-1 Rangers loss

A’s 6, Rangers 1

Oakland Athletics v Texas Rangers
Yu, no doubt reacting to one of Jerry Meals many bad calls
Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images

A’s 6, Rangers 1

  • That game sucked.
  • Yu Darvish pitched very well yesterday. He was victimized by poor calls by Jerry Meals behind the plate, but still threw 6 IP with just one run allowed. And that one run got on base when Matt Joyce drew a walk despite Yu throwing a pitch that was clearly a strike for strike three, which Meals blew the call on.
  • If you think this is me just carping, check out Brooks Baseball’s strike zone map from yesterday. At one point I counted 10 pitches called balls for Yu that Brooks had as strikes.
  • Anyway, a second run scored in the 7th off of Tony Barnette, which was unearned, because the run scored on a one out sacrifice fly after Mike Napoli threw a sure double play ball into left field.
  • Then three more runs scored in the 8th after Nomar Mazara misplayed a very catchable fly ball into a double.
  • And then Mike Hauschild made his major league debut and allowed a run.
  • It was unpleasant.
  • And made all the more unpleasant by virtue of the Rangers being dominated by Kendall Graveman, who just pumped mid-90s two seamers which the Rangers could do virtually nothing with. The one run came courtesy of a Mike Napoli home run in the bottom of the 7th, making it a 2-1 game. The only other hit in the game came from Rougned Odor, immediately after the Napoli home run. Alas, Jonathan Lucroy lined out to end the inning, and that was the closest thing to a threat Texas had all game.
  • It was a yucky cruddy game, and dropped the Rangers to 1-4. Let’s not talk about it anymore.