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Week 4 review

A week that could have gone better...

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Season record: 11-14

Week 4 Record: 2-4

Series Record: 3-5

Not the best of weeks but hey, at least they didn’t get swept in either series.

I was really hoping that momentum from the four game sweep of Kansas was going to carry into this week. Apparently that was just wishful thinking.

Losing the first two games, I thought for sure they were about to be swept to start the week. But then came game three with Cole Hamels on the mound. After giving up a two-run homer in the second, he seemed to settle down. Leaving the game after 6.2 innings pitched, with a 6-2 lead.

While leaving with a four run lead hadn’t worked out well before in his starts, I was feeling ok that Hamels would still get the win. But just in case, the Rangers added EIGHT more runs in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Not gonna lie, part of me was screaming at the team for them to conserve some of those runs for the series against the Angels. That’s how it works right?

Dropping the first and third game in the series against the Angels, they took the middle game, where the highlight was Carlos Gomez hitting for the cycle for the second time in his career.

Seriously, how can you not like this guy?

(If you don’t though, just remember we got him last year because we wasn’t playing well in Houston.)

Speaking of Houston, the Rangers are headed there for a four game series. If there were ever a team the Rangers desperately needed to play to really get in the groove of winning, it’s the little brother Astros.

Other highlights... or at least not terrible moments... of the week:

(to be honest, I really just wanted a place to put gifs this week)

  • Gallo made a throw sitting down
  • On Monday, the entire starting rotation (even Tyson Ross) dressed like twins. They left Nick Martinez out of the photo though... the disrespect.
  • Banny was not pleased with the umps, this face was seen multiple times, especially Saturday

P.S. Gallo also threw a ball so hard it got stuck in Rua’s glove and we were all witness to this perfect reaction