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Thoughts on a 4-3 Rangers win

Rangers 4, Padres 3

San Diego Padres v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Rangers 4, Padres 3

  • Oh, hey, a one run win. I'd forgotten what those are like.
  • This was one of those games that seemed imminently loseable, and the way this season has gone, I spent much of the game waiting for the shoe to drop. The missed opportunities, Yu Darvish being just a bit off, having to go to the pen to start the seemed like things would take a bad turn eventually.
  • But they didn't.
  • Yu had one of those games where he was missing out over the plate rather than off the plate, and thus didn't walk anyone in six innings, but gave up a pair of home runs and some other hard hit balls. But hey, quality start, 6 Ks, 7 hits, 3 runs, and he's now sporting a 2.96 ERA on the season.
  • Jeremy Jeffress, who I keep wanting to call Jared Jeffries, started the seventh, gave up two singles to start the inning, and I immediately thought oh no, this is where it blows up. And yet it didn't...a sac bunt was foiled when Jeffress got the lead runner at third, then there was a fielder’s choice, then a fly out, and that was that.
  • Alex Claudio started the 8th, and issued the only walk a Ranger pitcher issued today with two outs, prompting Jeff Banister to go to Keone Kela for the final out of the eighth. Matt Bush worked around a two out double in the ninth, the Rangers won, and everyone was happy.
  • Well, maybe not everyone...there was carping about the Rangers not performing well enough with RISP, and half their runs scored on a wild pitch and a balk, but hey, beggars, choosers, all that.
  • Three hits and a walk for Shin-Soo Choo, who is finding his groove, and two hits and a walk for Jonathan Lucroy, who appears to have out his ugly April behind him. Carlos Gomez fanned all four times up, and Joey Gallo struck out three times (drawing a walk the fourth time).
  • Just one of those games that last year it felt like the Rangers usually won, and this year it's seemed like they've lost. Maybe they'll have a few more of these and we will start feeling good about things again.